On a Note full of Hope …

I seek the World with Joy

All Regrets they disappear
Once I know I’m really here
I know my Home I know my Name
And yet I’m never quite the same

For when I seek the World with Joy
My Mind allows Itself to toy
And play around in Dreams so sweet
I follow Them on hasty Feet
For all Great Wonders I must see
To miss them out?-that’s not for Me!

Oh here’s a Ship a Bridge a Cloud
A Woman veiled in marbled Shroud
A Tower on a silent Hill
An Abbey Home of deepest Still
A Hall with Works of Masters fine
A Place for Kings and Queens to dine

A ruined Castle overgrown
An ancient City – Name unknown
A Stroll along a cobbled Street
A Smile with such a gentle Greet
A soothing Whisper – a Lovers Sigh:
‘Now there’s that Twinkle in Your Eye!’

Af Peter Nør, 2015





"To put It in Words – to write It down – that is walking on hallowed Ground" – M.L. Gore

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